Katelyn Grummel

I am a graduate of Kent State University: 3rd best fashion school in the United States. I have an emphasis in Fashion Design: Technical Design and have completed two internships in Tech Design. While studying in New York City, I worked at Juicy Couture as their Women's Sleepwear, Intimates, and Yoga intern. I worked one on one with their sole technical designer with specing garments, running fit sessions, and entering all information and photos into Full Circle, their tech pack system. I also worked as a Men's & Guy's Knits, Popovers, and Sweats Technical Intern for Abercrombie & Fitch. There, I created tech packs from start to finish and ran multiple fit sessions. I spec'd every garment for six tech designers and attended graphics and Katherine & Ron meetings.

I have completed my Senior Collection (pictures in the Lefthand links) based on the short story, The Yellow Wallpaper. It is a fall contemporary line that consists of 4 looks. My separates are made to be interchanged and would fit very well as a transition between summer and winter. The fabrics are mostly knit, extremely comfortable, and easy to understand. The fits are flattering for any shape and can be worn by a range of ages.

My portfolio (pictures in the Lefthand links) is based on the home. I am extremely interested in the idea that they way a person dresses matches their home. Your interior design aesthetic should be channeled into your personal dressing aesthetic as well, and once they match, you will feel completely at home. I have taken a different feeling of a home setting for each season and transferred it into simple clothing that fits the mood of the scene.

This year, I took on the role of Treasurer for our student-run senior fashion show, Delineation. This has helped me see what it takes to produce a full runway show: from press releases to model calls to sponsors to ticket sales, it is not all about beautiful designs. Creating a show from start to finish has been a wonderful experience. I was also a designer for The Art of Contrast, a fashion show in the fall that shows single and group designs that stick to a purposeful theme.